Putnam County Parks and Recreation

Putnam County plays host to several interesting locations to spend your afternoons. Those seeking activities for seniors and park goers who want to hit the trails while retracing an historical journey will find themselves well sated with options.

Senior Recreation
Putnam county hosts a wide array of classes that are specifically designed to accommodate the area’s older generation and get their bodies moving. A number of exercises are available on a rotational basis, so there’s always something new around the corner. Bing is an ever popular draw along with yoga for those wanting to limber up. Line dancing brings out that country twang in the legs alongside aerobics. For more cerebral activities, seniors are invited to participate in journaling and scrapbooking classes. These are great counterparts to the classes in scrapbooking, hook and needle, and quilting. A class in using a cane and an acrylics class are also available.
Putnam County Aquatics Center
This is a great spot to practice your backstroke, doggie paddle, and maybe even the Triple Lindy. Just kidding, but swimming lessons are available, as well as nights where kids are welcome to come and see a family movie. For more information, check out their site.
The Bartram Trail
Offering an intriguing opportunity to explore the history of Florida, the Bartram Trail was made to retrace the journey that John and William Bartram took. William Bartram wrote his book Travels in 1791 about his trips to Florida. Travels later became world famous, and the Bartram Trail revisits each of the likely locations that the father and son Bartrams historically camped or traveled to. The Bartram trail’s many springs, floral points of interest, and connections to the native population are a great way of reminding present day visitors of the journal that the Bartrams once took.
Finding activities for your older loved one and the history buff in your life is simple in Putnam County. These are just two unique finds in this expansive county, so be sure to try more locations to make even more favorite ways to spend your afternoons.

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