Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation

Miami-Dade is committed to improving the lives of its ever growing residents by offering opportunities for relief from the stresses of their expansion. Its natural holdings, some of the most beautiful in the United States and the World, are celebrated in this renowned area.

One of the natural parks of this area is Crandon Park, where the beaches and mangroves invite perusals before jumping on the course or in the water. The improvements being made to the community are punctuated by the initiative to plant no fewer than 1 million trees to offer tree cover and beautiful scenery to the area. The Miami Zoo celebrates the plants and of course animals of the world and lets children and adults explore the natural world and its limitless variety. Read on to learn more about the features of just three of the aspects held most dear by the Miami-Dade community.
Crandon Park
This park is home to Crandon Beach which is consistently named as one of the top 10 beaches in the United States, this world famous park has a diverse number of ecosystems which park goers can enjoy, like mangrove forests, sloping sand dunes, sea grass beds, and coastal hammocks. Come watch herons, sea turtles, snappers, and sea stars in their beautiful habitats while wading and swimming or boating or walking or whatever you like really. The Bear Cut Preserve has kept the natural features of this area in its pristine glory. The beach itself is host to gorgeous sand, tranquil waters, and the offshore sandbar which shields the beach from rough waves, and is welcome to those who want to walk across it. Golfers will also be pleased by the Crandon Golf Course, a championship course, 18 hole course which is consistently featured on the senior PGA tour. Accompanying the exquisite foliage and scenery the par 4, 7th hole which is consistently named one of the best holes in golf. The Crandon Marina is also close to gorgeous, man made reefs and fishing spots and offers diving for those who want to see Crandon’s water life face to face.
Soccer5 Fit
This youth soccer program encourages youth fitness for children ages 3-12. Ball skills and game time are encouraged by qualified coaches in state of the art facilities. This program is held once a week and is a great entry level event to develop a love for soccer and personal fitness.
Community Wide Improvements
An array of public programs are being implemented to improve the already vibrant natural landscape of Miami-Dade County. The Million Trees Miami was initiated to plant 1 million trees in the county by 2020 to achieve a 30 percent tree cover across the entire county. The Landscape Agency of Miami-Dade County provides services which are designed to reduce damage which may be inflicted during hurricanes. This service is key to the maintenance of the beautiful marriage between the natural and manmade environment during events like hurricanes. Neat Streets Miami is designed to keep the transportation avenues clean and pristine around the area. To preserve and restore the natural areas of the county, the Natural Areas Management for the maintenance of the 98 nature preserves and 28,000 acres of land which resides in the county. With these initiatives, it’s clear that Miami-Dade is committed to keeping its natural holdings ready for its visitors while improving those areas for future generations.
Miami Zoo
The Miami Zoo, established in 1948, is home to over 500 animals, more than 100 exhibits, over 1,000 plant species on 750 acres of land. Of just the mammals featured here are the meerkats which can be viewed online with the Meerkham (webcam), the fennec foxes, African Lion, African Elephant, Great One-Horned Rhinoceros, Jaguar, Sumatran Orangutan, and the Pygmy Hippopotamus. Behind the scenes tours include River’s Edge, a close up view of the river animals at the park, including the Asian River Otters. The Furs and Armor tour features Black Rhinos, Giant Tortoises, and Koalas. One of the many exhibits is the Wings of Asia Aviary, which is host to 85 species of feathery guests. Come visit this vast and intriguing dedication to the natural community of animals.
With these locations and initiatives, the beauty and natural flavors of the world are maintained and celebrated to their fullest. Such an effervescent community is using these trappings while adding new ones all the time. Come see what Miami-Dade has waiting for you to see and spend some time in the shade while watching the tapestry of life unfold all around.

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