Pasco County Parks and Recreation

Pasco County has 22 active parks, 13 passive parks, 3 recreation complexes, 5 community centers, 2 swimming pools, 4,600 acres of environmentally sensitive land, and 15,000 acres of land dedicated to parks, trails, and open space. 121 recreational programs and 49 yearly events are also available all year round for those who want to get out and participate in its offerings.

Greenways, Trails, and Blueways
A sweeping Master Plan is being developed that will guide future development of Pasco’s Greenways, Trails, and Blueways. Greenways are strips of undeveloped land that are set aside to make sure they remain undeveloped, so that the land can be used as parks and grassy trails. Pasco also has numerous walking trails around all parts of the county, many of which feature dog friendly grounds, exercise stations, firm shell surfaces, lakeside views, and even camping if you really need to take a rest from your walking. The Suncoast trail is a paved, multi purpose trail which is perfect for cycling, rollerblading, running, walking, strolling, and getting your dog out and about as well. Blueways are the water going equivalent of a greenway. Take your kayak or canoe out on the blueways of the dozens of locales in Pasco County. Paddle alongside a curious dolphin while taking in the coastline.
Wesley Chapel District Park
This newly opened park is open 7 days a week and consists of 143 acres that feature several athletic fields. Events ready to be held here include youth and adult baseball, as well as fully lighted soccer matches. Court sports also include fully lighted basketball and tennis courts. A fitness trail also resides here, for some low impact cardio combined with basic fitness movements like the dip and the pushup. A children’s playground is also available on site with a retention pond which is ripe for fishing. Pavilions can be rented for parties, which go perfectly with the picnic ready grills. Come make the Wesley Chapel District Park your weekly destination for physical fitness and maybe you’ll find yourself here at a get together as well.
Youth Sports
A diverse number of youth sports are available in Pasco. Little league baseball, adult and youth soccer, police athletic leagues, baseball, and youth and adult football are featured at a variety of locations. For more information consult their site.
Oelsner Indian Mound
This historic site is a great key to understanding the ancient history of Florida. Dating from the year 1000 AD, this site was populated for hundreds of years before it was abandoned. A Smithsonian Institution excavation in 1879 concluded that it was once the site of a temple. A nearby burial mound that was excavated in 1903 was soon destroyed by land developers, so this remnant is all we have left of this ancient site. Aunt Martha Oelsner, for whom the mound is named, is responsible for its preservation and believed that it also contains Calusa and Timuqua indian graves.
With the Greenways, Trails, and Blueways, the Wesley Chapel District Park, and the Oelsner Indian Mound, visitors and residents of Pasco have access to unique, beautiful, and useful locations where they can spend their off time. This off time to recharge yourself, all while rediscovering Florida is one of the wonderful things about our great state. Spend some time outdoors in Pasco parks and return to the ac with a little moss on your shirt and a little water in your shoes while remembering what you always loved about the outdoors.

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