Broward County Parks and Recreation

In half a century, the Broward County parks system has grown to 50 regional parks, nature centers, neighborhood parks, and natural areas. With a total of 6,500 acres that welcomes over 11.1 million visitors each year, this area has become a great spot for many residents to spend their days out and about amongst the natural amenities of the Florida landscape.

Of the numerous locations at Broward County, the Brian Piccolo Sports Park & Velodrome, Tradewinds Educational Farm & Stables, and various examples of county commissioned Public Art and Design pieces showcase the diverse and intriguing locations here.
Brian Piccolo Sports Park & Velodrome
For more than 20 years this extensive, unique, and exciting Sports park has one of the widest arrays of activities in Florida. Situated on the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail, this busy park is home to six softball fields, two lighted youth baseball fields, one unlighted multipurpose field, and even two cricket pitches, one clay and one artificial surface. A par 3 disc golf course is also available for frisbee fanatics, as well as courts for basketball, the Memorial Fitness Zone, a 500 meter roadcourse for cyclists, and even geocaching, which is an exciting, gps driven treasure hunt. The most unique feature in the park is the Velodrome. This sloping, cycling stadium, is the only one of its kind in Florida and only one of three in the Southeastern United States. The sport dates back to the 1800s, and the Brian Piccolo Sports Park is proud to be a part of its popularity.
Tradewinds Educational Farm & Stables
This farm was established to educate the public about the history of Florida’s farming culture as well as the animals which played a major role in that process. Numerous kinds of animals live at Tradewinds, like cows, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, as well as a miniature donkeys, ponies, and peacocks. A reconstructed farmhouse resides on site as well, offering a further look into Florida’s history with farming. Come check out this great place to visit and get hands on with the animals and plants that helped Florida grow to the state we enjoy today.
Public Art and Design
Established in 1978 as Art in Public Places, 2 percent of the total new construction budget is set aside for artists to create works which enrich the experience of visiting Broward County. Of the numerous works on display, visitors can currently come visit “Whirls and Swirls on a Vortex on Water” which is a whirling, metallic, water feature at the Central Broward Regional Park & Stadium. There is also “Metamorphosis” which adorns the doors of the Monarch Interpretative Center exhibit hall at the Secret Woods Nature Center. The mosaics illustrate the flight and life path of a butterfly with extravagant colors which lets viewers observe its journey of change. The Long Key Natural Area and Nature Center hosts “Island Garden”, an exploration of Florida topography, the interaction between water and plantlife, and the coolness of water when experienced by visitors. These are just a few of the art projects which are always being commissioned by Broward County.

Whether it be learning to cycle like it’s 1899 at the Brian Piccolo Sports Park & Velodrome, taking some time to pet the fluffy ewes at Tradewinds Educational Farm & Stables, or sipping herbal tea in a beret while chatting about the premiere piece featured by Public Art and Space, Broward County seeks to offer a wide variety of spectacles and activities to its visitors. Check out these locations and explore many more of the numerous parks available here, and find an excuse to take some time away and get closer to the South Florida that you love.

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