Taylor County Parks and Recreation

Taylor County is hosts a unique celebration of Northwest Florida’s outdoor culture. Past and present mix in a tangy BBQ rub, while fisherman take their rods out on the water in a concert of Florida culture.

Forest Capital Museum State Park
This park celebrates the history of the timber industry, right in the heart of Taylor County, the self-proclaimed “Timber Capital of the South.” The tree that is given the most attention here is specifically the longleaf pine and the 5,000 products which are made from them. Visitors will note the more than 50-year-old pines that cover the grounds and provide pleasant shade during their visit. Outside of the museum is an authentic Cracker homestead, which was once a common sight throughout Florida in 19th century. A playground and three covered pavilions also offer a great spot to have a picnic.
Taylor County Sports Complex
This 74 acre complex has six baseball/soccer fields, 2 tennis courts, and 2 basketball courts for all the sport lovers in your life, including yourself. For fun for the little ones, take them to one of the complex’s 2 playgrounds and have lunch at one of its six pavilions. There is also a paved, one mile trail for walking as well.
Hooked In Taylor County, Florida
This fishing tournament is designed to have as low an impact as possible on the fish that reside offshore, as well as the costs of the fishermen themselves. This is why the tournament is “catch, photo, and release,” and all competitors use a kayak instead of a motorized boat. Redfish and Spotted Seatrout are two of the most common catches on in this tournament and Taylor County at large. Bring your kayak out for a fishing tournament that is an ecologically friendly as it is interesting. For more information visit naturalnorthflorida.
Smokin’ In The Pines BBQ Festival
Come check out this annual ode to both tasty barbeque and lots of live music. Sample your way around the numerous tents while participating in the “Peoples’ Choice” BBQ competition to see who gets the popular vote on barbeque majesty. Professional and amateur contestants alike get to compete, so it’s really democracy at its most raw, as well as well-done. Music is played all day and through the night as you chow down and settle down. For more information, see naturalnorthflorida.
With a great mixture of history, ocean fishing, and down home country cooking and music, Taylor County keenly celebrates the parts of North Florida that folks like best. If the BBQ was too heavy, make sure to take a run on of its natural trails to work all that weight off. Every once in a while, when you’re running, don’t forget to look up and smell the longleaf pine and remember where all of this came from.

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