Tampa Drywall Specialists

Tampa Drywall Specialists
Region: Central West
Metro: Tampa-St Pete Metro
Home Solution: Flooring, Walls, Ceilings, Remodels & Additions

We do so much more than repair drywall. Cut it, hang it, tape it, mud it, of course. But I’m talking about large commercial installations or coming in behind the framing crews on new construction jobs. We love helping individuals that need a section replaced from water damage or a simple hole, crack, or dent repaired, but we equally enjoy multi-day jobs that require a team of hangers. We speak the language of wallboard, sheet rock, and drywall and we have the experience to back it up. We can go as high as the ceiling tiles or converting an attic. We can go as low as the baseboards. You know what? We can even finish garages too. Where there are studs, we can hang with precision.

We can add texture to your walls upon finishing, such as orange peel, knockdown, sand swirl, slap brush, or plaster. We can also repair and reduce texture and are commonly called upon to remove popcorn ceilings. Speaking of that older trend, nail pops are another issue we commonly deal with. If your Florida home or office was built prior to 1970, it is likely your drywall is held with nails instead of screws. If the nails have worked their way out of the dry wood in a number of sections, it may be time to call a drywall contractor to improve your aesthetic.

When the job is done, we’ll be proud to stand by the quality of our work. We want projects to be done right the first time, leaving a satisfied smile on your face. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing a full renovation in Tampa or a patch-up in your home or office building, we are here to help. Save time and money today when you make the right choice by calling Tampa Drywall Specialists.

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