Sarasota County Parks and Recreation

Sarasota County is an area that shows great appreciation for its natural resources and the role they play in the culture of this area. Its natural preserves, specialty parks, and the special location of Snook Haven offer a little bit of everything.

Nature Parks and Preserves
A slew of natural parks and preserves find their home in Sarasota County. The Jelks preserve is dog friendly and allows for great views of the riverside. A nature center and plenty of trails are also featured.
The Red Bug Slough is another great location that has its own pavilions and playgrounds, as well as many hiking trails for recreation and nature viewing.
The Manasota Scrub preserve also plays host to nature viewing of its own while offering lots of walking trails and authentic, Floridian landscapes.
Youth Sports Programs
Sarasota County is home to a number of great youth leagues for children to participate in. Sports like baseball, football, cheer, soccer, fastpitch softball, lacrosse, bmx bike riding, and rowing are all catered to. Adults can also find leagues in pickleball, rowing, softball, and tennis.
Specialty Parks
Sarasota County is also home to a large number of parks that offer features that can be found in few other locations in Florida. The Knight Trail Park and Outdoor Shooting Complex has its own recreation center and picnicking pavilion, but what really sets it apart is its shooting range. This outdoor structure can accommodate a large number of marksmen at one time in beautiful, sunny scenery.
The Youth Athletic Complex hosts its own BMX bike track for thrill seeking and competitive fun. Baseball fields and batting cages are also open for use in this complex, along with tennis courts, pickleball courts, and football fields.
Woodmere Park is a great sporting location with tennis and pickleball amongst other sports being played here. A great draw is the dog park which makes it a destination for four-legged park goers.
Turtle Beach Park offers aquatic recreation for motorized and non motorized vessels like kayaks and canoes. Fishing from its many piers and even swimming are also great draws to this celebration of Sarasota county’s aquatic environment.
Snook Haven
Snook Haven is a tremendous location for entertainment and recreation of all sorts. Music of many varieties, from Dixieland Jazz to Dulcimer play and everything in between is hosted here on most days of the week. Take a walk on the trails or hit on the water in your kayak and come back for a great meal at its very own restaurant. The Myakka River tour boat also runs from November through May for a guide’s perspective of this authentic piece of Florida’s natural culture.
Busy days are ahead for you when you choose Sarasota County. Fitness, both the mental and physical kinds, come from walking through the natural grasses of this great area that celebrates the wonderful things that lie its heartland. Run or swim around while have a bite to eat in Sarasota County, where the land opens to greet those lucky people who come to see it firsthand.

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