Leon County Parks and Recreation

Birds and butterflies oh my! This is the county that lets the beauty of North Florida soar and takes its park goers with them. Leon is home to the heart of the capital city, but the green plant trees and the blue fountains are given an equal spot in its great park locations. Sports and other activities have equal place too. Come check out a few of the programs and activities here in Leon.

Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park
Tallahassee’s 670 acre park lies along lake Jackson. It offers a large number of activities for its park goers. Separate trail systems for hiking, equestrian activities, and biking give a new path depending on how you want to travel that day. Maps are available at the Meridian Trailhead. From there you can enter the lush hardwood forest via the nearby boardwalk. Birds like the cerulean warbler, wood thrush, and scarlet tanager all make their home here in the fall months. Stop by and get lost (with map in hand of course) in this serene location for a while.
Bird Watching
Winter ducks are often found in locations like St. Marks, along with light brown bitterns. 1,500 red-cockaded woodpeckers also make their home in the Apalachicola National Forest. Bachman’s sparrows are also common sight, along with Swainson’s Warbler frequently found. Miles of canopy roads welcome these air-faring feathered friends in the Tallahassee area.
Sports and Other Activities
Children will have plenty to do with the Pop Warner football and Pop Warner cheerleading programs. Little League baseball and Little League Softball are are also great programs to enroll in. Several athletic fields and complexes also make their homes here in Leon County. Daniel B. Chaires Community Park, Campy Oaks Community Park, and Fort Braden Community Park play host to field locations for sports like baseball and basketball. So come pick up a ball at a few of these locations.
Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park
This exquisitely beautiful ornamental park is one of the most beautiful of its kind in Florida. Floral architecture, a picturesque brick pathway, a secret garden, a reflection pool, hedged arches, and an Eden’s worth of azaleas and camellias all make this garden park so special. The gardens were donated to the state of Florida in 1953 to make a location which all park goers can enjoy. Recreation for swimming, hiking, horse-back riding, jogging, and bicycling are common in the grounds surrounding the garden. To learn more, see Friends of Maclay Gardens
Leon County allows its visitors to enjoy the beauty of Northwest Florida, even while breaking a sweat. The flora and fauna are celebrated alongside the recreational and sports activities here, making Leon another great Florida County.

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