LaFayette County Parks and Recreation

Put a little spring in your step in Lafayette County, home to as many natural springs as there are vowels in the name Lafayette. Take your paddle, take your boat, and bring a couple pairs of snorkels to dive into the aquatic magic of this great Florida County.

A County of Springs
The main draw of this wonderful little (it has has the second smallest county population in Florida) county is the springs. This is due to the nearby Suwannee River, which runs along the county’s eastern border. At the springs hiking, fishing, diving, paddling, and other forms of boating are natural draws.
The key springs featured include Lafayette Blue Springs Park, which also doubles as the headquarters of the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail. Cabin rentals are featured here as well.
Father south is Troy Spring State Park, which then leads to Ruth Springs Park and Owens Spring. Finally, Convict Springs at Suwannee River Rendezvous RV Park is another great location.
Sports in Lafayette County
The Edward Perry Sports Complex is a great place to practice your swing. The baseball fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts provide a lot of options for sports recreation. Day Community Park has its own baseball diamond and basketball and tennis courts as well. For more information check the Town of Mayo. You can also try the bicycle trails in Lafayette County for more active fun.
With all the paddling around Lafayette, your weekend plans are as simple as the backstroke. If you didn’t find the backstroke all that easy for you, well then it’s as easy as riding a bike on the trails here too. Baseball fans will also find a place to call their own in this great Florida County.

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