Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation

Hillsborough County has the variety you are looking for all year round with the quality and creative parks that best exemplify the culture of the Tampa Bay Area. Discover the history of Hillsborough with the Burgert Brothers Photo Collection. Take it outside and commune with the birds at the Upper Tampa Bay Park. Get of your car and step onto another four wheeled vehicle at the Providence Skate Park. Try a hand at baseball and a number of other sports activities.

Sports Activities
Hillsborough has two state of the art facilities for sports and other activities. Adult softball is ever popular with residents here. Children and teen sports are also given a wide array of options like baseball, cheerleading, football, soccer, and softball. Training in CPR, coaching, and sportsmanship are also hosted to give the best experience possible to athletes and coaches of all ages.
Burgert Brothers Photo Collection
A supporter of the arts and their impact on the community, Hillsborough County celebrates and displays the history of the Tampa Bay area with the Burgert Brothers photo collection. This collection presents Tampa Bay’s past triumphs and travails from the late 1800’s to the 1960’s. Photos include places of business like cigar factories, bank lobbies, grocery stores, and records of a community at play at the state fair or having a game of checkers. The collection is located at the John F. Germany Public Library.
Upper Tampa Bay Park
The Upper Tampa Bay Conservation Park is an area that was set aside for nature study and recreation in 1982. The park lies on a peninsula and is 596 acres of protected coast line and ecological communities, including mangrove forests, salt and freshwater marshes, coastal hammocks, and pine flatwoods. Nature trails and boardwalk structures will take visitors into the habitats of zebra swallowtail butterflies, gopher tortoises, and bobcats, as well as aquatic wildlife like manatees, bottlenose dolphins, roseate spoonbills, otters, and ospreys. A canoe/kayak launch is available for those who want to take their adventure directly into the water. The nature center displays information about the history and ecology of the area, but also provides live animals displays of fish, turtles and snakes.
Providence Skatepark
Looking for an alternative to traditional state parks? Why not a skate Park? The Providence Skate Park is Hillsborough County’s first and largest skate Park and also goes by another name “The Concrete Jungle.” The park itself is 14,500 square feet and is designed for intermediate and professional level skaters and features transitional elements including a pyramid, handrail, quarter pipes, a step up, and lots of granite structures to fuel creative skating. Skate contests are held at Providence, including the Halloween Jam and the Best Shredder Series.
Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation offers intriguing options for residents and visitors who are looking for traditional and not-so traditional ways to get outside. Historical Photo Collections, extensive Conservation, sports and coaching programs, and Skate Parks give something familiar and something different to those who want to find themselves on a familiar but somehow different path.

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