Hangar 41 Winery & Brew Shop

Hangar 41 Winery & Brew Shop is much more than a winery. It helps those who want to get into the wine and beer making business by selling supplies. Since it is a winery and brewery, there are a lot of options for customers to enjoy.
The Home Brewers Winery
Hangar 41 Winery and Brew Shop is the place to go for all of your home kit needs. With over 60 wines to choose from and options to make your own wine, you’re sure to find something you love! All of their wines are made from juices and concentrates from around the world. You can taste these various flavors before purchase and before you decide to make your own wine at home. Over 10 years ago they started a home brewing club to help people learn to make their own wine. So you can come here not just to buy their delicious wine, but also to start the process of making your own.
Looking to the Future
In the next year, Hangar 41 Winery and Brew Shop plans on getting a distributor so they can start selling their products outside of the shop. They also want to provide more information on how to make your own wine and beer at home and educate people on the process. As a non-traditional winery, they do not grow their own grapes since they are not in a grape growing area. But they do outsource their juices and concentrates from other parts of the region to make their wine.
The owners over at Hangar 41 are influenced by the previous owners of the shop and quote them by saying, “The best wine in the world is the wine you like best!”

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