Franklin County Parks and Recreation

Franklin County is a great member of the gulf coast counties that line the panhandle of Florida. Here the beach is a great draw, with lots of ways to camp along the shoreline. Youth and adult sports and recreation are at home here as well. Come check a few of the attractions for parks and recreation to be found here in Franklin.

Youth Sports Programs
Kids will enjoy a variety of sports that they can enroll in. Sports like soccer will keep your kids running all season long. Similarly, youth baseball will also attract the home run hitter at your house with Franklin’s youth league. For more information, click here.
Sports Complexes
Franklin offers two great sports complexes to cater to the sports needs of many. The Will S. Kendrick Sports Complex offers fields to accommodate youth baseball, softball, tee-ball, and football. There are also adult baseball and softball fields. Tennis, basketball, and volleyball are similarly celebrated here. There are also two playgrounds as well as four picnic pavilions on site.
The D.W. Wilson Sports Complex is similarly accommodating to youth baseball, softball, tee-ball, and soccer. There is a paved walking track and workout equipment to use as well. Picnicking is also at home here.
Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park
With lighthouse overhead, this is a particularly gorgeous spot to take your kayak or canoe out. Bird watchers and fishermen will rejoice as well as campers, hikers, and general lovers of nature. Watch out for pods of dolphins leaping towards the clouds as you make your way along the beautiful landscapes. For more info, check here.
It’s a day at the beach here in Franklin County. Get your basketball out and keep your racket in tow as you enjoy the sports recreation offered here as well. These are just a few of the reasons why Franklin is another great Florida county.

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