Dead Lizard Brewing Company

Dead Lizard Brewing Company is a local micro-brewery located between the Millenia Mall and Universal Studios. For three generations the family has been enjoying and sharing home-brewed craft beer with family and friends, and now are sharing it with you! Their beers are big and bold, yet embodied with subtle and distinct flavors.
From humble beginnings, Dead Lizard Brewery Company began in a garage and has since grown into a taproom featuring ten different DLBC beers made using the hops from the family owned Artesian Hops farm. And the name? A little creativity and a little relaxation time brought Richard Dine, co-owner and head brewer, the idea one day when he was out in the field. He found two dead lizards, curled into a perfect Ying-Yang symbol and the name was born. He shared the idea with his wife Patricia “Storm” Dine, co-owner and operating manager, who drew the original logo for the company.
The Dine Family Farm
With over 25 years of brewing experience under his belt, it’s no wonder that Richard and Patricia decided to take things a step further by creating their own farm. The family owns an Artesian Hops farm which supplies them with fresh wet hops for their Harvest beers. Richard understands the relationship between hops, barley, malt, and flavorings in the brewing process. While difficult to choose from, their most popular beers are a tie between the Purple Skink IPA and Trippy Pippy’s Red Dread Ale – guess you’ll have to be the judge!
The Personal Touch
Richard is a master at creating flavorful beers that will enlighten your taste buds and have you coming back for more, but this isn’t the only thing DLBC has to offer. Storm explains how DLBC is place where uniqueness is born and welcomed. The creation and fostering of the community is an important aspect of the company and they believe that part of the independence this country has is due to the taverns of the time. Just like those taverns, the owners of DLBC want to create a place where unique minds come together to congregate, learn about each other and foster ideas. They have customers who are there often, and they have first time customer who fall in love with the relaxed, homelike atmosphere. They encourage visitors to leave a little piece of themselves behind by creating chalk art on the tables, floors, and walls and hanging art from local artists.

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