Circle Christian School

Circle Christian School

Circle provides families with two educational options. In the university hybrid model, a student attends class one or more days a week, receiving the accountability benefits of face-to-face instruction in a private school environment while also working at home with the active involvement of parents partnering in the education of their child. Circle also offers families a traditional homeschool model. In both choices, Circle provides administrative oversight and academic structure coupled with an extensive support and activity network.

The school adheres to the conviction that God has ordained that parents are primarily responsible for the education of their children. The school provides assistance and support to Christian parents who subscribe to this belief. The two-fold goal of education is first to create within the student the desire to learn and, secondly, to give the child the ability to relate well to the world around him. The goal of Christian education is to accomplish this while acknowledging and applying the absolute standard of God’s Word, the Bible. Because education is more than the mere gaining of academic knowledge, the school is committed to encouraging an environment in which families can more effectively cultivate the qualities of Character, Integrity, Responsibility, Creativity, Leadership, and Excellence in every facet of life.

Circle provides resources and tools to parents so that they can make significant investments of character development and academic excellence in the lives of their children.

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