Bowigens Beer Company

Bowigens Beer Company is an American Craft Brewery located in Casselberry, Florida. They specialize in creative and innovative beers. A place where they create a beer because it’s something they are truly passionate about.
Bowigens Beer Company was started by two friends, Kevin Wigen and Bobby Bowen, who ultimately felt that starting a brewing company would be a great transition from playing in bands together. During their time playing in bands, Bowen found a love for homebrewing. After some industry education, a little planning, and eight refrigerators in the garage later, Bowigens Beer Company opened its doors to the public in 2015.
Great Staff, Great Beer
We have all been to a place and found that a really attentive and welcoming staff makes the entire experience better. At Bowigens you can find a well-trained staff that is not only knowledgeable in the product but ready and willing to help you in any way they can. Oh, and the beer? It’s nothing like you’ve seen before. Bowen explains that as head brewer he takes pride in his creations. He refuses to brew anything that doesn’t bring him excitement. “Whether we’re making a beer with over 200 lbs. of tomatoes (yes, we’ve done that) to a classic Pilsner, I take the same artistic approach with recipe formulation. Ultimately, if I don’t get excited about it, we don’t brew it” – Bowen.
Passion Is Key
Just like with everything in life, if there is no passion in what you’re doing there is no success. Bowigens thrives off passion, artistry, and customer satisfaction. The fact that they don’t have big shareholders to answer to allows them to create their own rules and truly develop quality craft beer. This has assured them loyal customers who return for good craft beer and a good time. With an abundant of options of craft beers it’s difficult to choose their favorite but customers find their year-round craft beers to be their favorites; 7 Layer Stout – Milk Stout, Bow 9 – Citrus Pale Ale, and trHOPhical Fusion IPA – Florida IPA. This year alone, however, they plan on brewing fifty different styles, so you can expect plenty more to choose from! Quantity isn’t the only important factor for Bowigens, considering they’ve received a few awards for the 7 Layer Stout (Gold medal in the Best Florida Beer Championships – state wide and Silver at the Craft Beer Awards in Oregon – International) #quantityandquality.

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