Bay County Parks and Recreation

Bay County, home of Panama City Florida, has a lot to offer its residents during all times of the year. Sports are surprisingly big here, with golf, paddleboarding, and sports programs for flag football and softball all proving to be popular the year round. Check out a few of our favorites below.

Sport Programs in Harder’s Park
Adult softball is available every Fall and Spring at Harder’s Park. Additionally, adult men’s and co-ed flag football have established leagues in Harder’s park as well. Click here for more information.
Golfing in Panama City
One of the best cities in America to enjoy golf, Panama City has four championship golf courses. For a really top quality course for competitive play, try Bay Point Golf Club, which has two exceptional courses, including one designed by Jack Nicklaus. The Holiday Golf Club is more forgiving for casual players, and great for including your family in the game. The oldest golf course in Panama City, called Signal Hill, is a more relaxed golf experience and has been a golfing staple since 1962. If you would like some more info, click here.
Paddleboarding in Panama City Beach
Paddleboarding is a great way to enjoy the rich views of the waters of Panama City Beach while getting a great core and cardio workout in at the same time (plus your tan). Whether in the salt water of the ocean or even in the nearby freshwater springs, this sport can be enjoyed in a wide number of settings. Regular paddleboarding too easy? Why not try yoga while atop your board as well? For more information, click here.
Bay County is a great place to enjoy outdoor recreation of a variety of sorts. Paddleboarding as well as world class golf and other sports programs make sure that a love of the outdoors is stoked in this blazing example of recreational bliss.

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