3D187 Clothing And Art Collective

3D187 Clothing And Art Collective
Region: Central West
Metro: Tampa-St Pete Metro

Established in 2023, 3D187 Art Collective explores the injustices of our society, the facets of life, and visions that can only be seen in the mind’s eye. We bring you a collection of art creations that holds no punches, giving you a beacon of truth to wear on your chest or display any way that calls to you.

As a collective of personalities and walks of life, our art covers a variety of themes that come from the heart. Our family of local artists are genuine and we take pride in our work. We are all collectively individuals so we believe that we each can show our own voice with meaningful art while exploring 3 dimensions: Amazing, creative art; standing against injustice; enlightenment through truth and unity.

Killing Art, Not Each Other

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